Photography is a passion I discovered after the birth of my first son.

In no particular order...

Photography is a passion I discovered after the birth of my first son. I feverishly learnt the technical aspects of photography by achieving a Diploma in Professional Photography from the Photography Institute in Auckland. I did this while devouring all things photographic via the world wide web, and gaining inspiration from amazingly creative photographers and artists. However, my real experience, skill and style comes from just being out and about with my camera... happily blazing away. All. The. Time.

My passion for photography has now spanned almost 10 years, while the other half of my professional life has, and continues to be, centred around marketing and communications. Two sets of skills that I feel go hand-in-hand, complementing each other perfectly!

With my marketer's insight I will seek out the strategy behind your commercial creative brief, before producing a collection of images to communicate the appropriate messages to your target audience!

I love everything about the photographic process – from meeting and discovering my clients' ideas, to scoping out hidden locations, watching the weather forecast for the perfect light and photographic conditions, to getting in front of you, my client, and clicking the shutter to capture those perfect moments in time.