Dog Day – Pet Photography20 Oct, 2015

Yeez I love photographing pets and in particular, dogs. Its hard work and ‘they’ say you should never work with children or animals… Ummm… I do both and love it!

Wearing my Napier City Council photographer’s hat, I had a wonderful time offering a photo booth to those employees who chose to bring their pet pooch along to work on the inaugural Dog Day.  Recognising the research that has shown how beneficial to staff productivity and reduction of stress in the work environment, this was a day where staff could bring their beloved (and well behaved) pets to work.

I took a wander around the offices to see these gorgeous animals thoroughly enjoying sitting at their owner’s feet while the normal work day progressed.  Adoring eyes showing their appreciation to be included in this everyday work routine rather than being at home waiting for their master to return.

Please let me introduce to you Fergus, Hazel, Wallis, Jay, Dixon, Stan the Civil Defence mascot, Marley, Bill, Jess, Louis, Luca, Mac and Olly.