Jenny & Chris, Ormlie Lodge – Hawke’s Bay Wedding Photography1 Jun, 2015

I almost cried when I saw Jenny in her dress for the first time while I was photographing her wedding day.  She and the gown looked STUNNING!  I would have to say, that dress and her flowers were my personal favourites of the season.

Everything about Chris and Jenny’s wedding was beautiful. From Ormlie Lodge’s outside decorations, to Kerin Greville’s flowers, the ceremony, Jenny’s makeup (especially the bright lipstick!) and beyond.  It was a very special day for a very lovely couple.

I always enjoy photographing the speeches as there is a lot of emotion and frivolity. Jenny and Chris’s speeches were the highlight for me.  Both were/are very comfortable at public speaking (due to their professional lives and careers) which meant they could recount stories and share their appreciations in a very articulated and humorous way.  It was so fun to listen to, to the point I had to keep reminding myself to focus on the job at hand and not get engrossed in the storytelling.

Congratulations Chris and Jenny.  Wishing you all the best in your new life in your new home.