Napier Hawke’s Bay Photographer – Photos by Kirsten Simcox25 Aug, 2015

My career is two-fold.  I work part-time in marketing and communications for our Napier City Council and the other half of my professional life is dedicated to my photography business. This makes for an amazingly diverse career, meeting and working alongside all sorts of talented Hawke’s Bay individuals.

But guess what the icing is on top of the proverbial cake?  My job description and title includes “Photographer”.  Not only am I employed to work on marketing projects, but I also provide photography services.

I am blessed to work alongside an AMAZING team who are highly talented professionals within their own niche (journos, marketing and online specialists, tourism experts and event managers). I love working with these guys and they provide me with endless inspiring photographic opportunities that test me technically and creatively.

Now that social media and the online enviro is such an integral part of our daily lives, still and moving images are hugely important to marketing and comms strategies.  Quality photography is as important as well-crafted copywriting and journalism. We are now in the future where marketing teams seek out multi-skilled photographers to join their staff so capabilities are in-house and easily accessible for those immediate requirements that social media demands.

The best bonus in my job is – I get to explore Napier (the city I live, love and cherish) from all sorts of angles and perspectives.  Below is a selection of photos that are personal favourites.  There is an interesting Napier story behind every photo taken.