Photography highlights 2015 – Those precious moments31 Dec, 2015

Late December is a time to reflect on the year that has been, and the year that lies ahead. 2015 has been a busy one but it has also allowed me to soul search about the direction I want to take my photography.

I’m excited above the path forward for 2016. The excitement of meeting new people, exploring new places and getting involved in new projects.  Bring. It comparateur prix viagra. On!

From a photographer’s perspective I love looking back on past work (every time I delve back into my photo files, I come out with new favs). The images in this blog are a small selection of photos I love from 2015.

I love them for a  whole host of reasons…

The personalities I got to know because its my job to hang around people with my camera.

The special moment-in-time that happened and I got to share in it.

The emotion that bubbled up and was caught on camera for others to enjoy forever, over and over again.

And the unique stories that led me to take the photo, knowing it will always allow the memory to remain fresh as time passes.

Enjoy the ride through my retrospective highlights. Wishing everyone a happy, fun and safe new year!